Merlin's Mansion

In the south fringe of Dassia, coastal and extensive, is the property Merlin, a ranch that has a villa and auxiliary buildings, and which was at its pick mainly at the beginning of the 20th century. It took its name from a British Olympic champion, Sidney Merlin. Son of Charles Merlin, diplomat and later chairman of Ioniki Bank, who settled in Eptanisa in 1939, Sidney was born in Piraeus on the 26th of April 1852, took part in the 1896 Olympics and won the golden medal in shooting. His brilliant and short athletic career stopped with the middle-Olympics in 1906, where he won a third place.

In Corfu, he bought from the Theotoki family, a part from their immense property, on the south and got married to Zaira, daughter of Georgios Theotokis – Prime Minister of Greece, with whom he had a daughter, with the name Maraki. Zaira, gave later birth to Georgios Rallis -her son from her second marriage- who also became Prime Minister. Merlin, who was an experienced botanist, devoted himself to the development of his property and in 1925, he transported the brand of a Californian orange variety, the Washington Navel, which remained in the greek terminology as “Merlin”, and also the small Japanese citrus fruits, that became one of the emblems of Corfu, the Kum Kuat. Merlin died in 1952.

Merlin's Mansion Merlin's Mansion Merlin's Mansion Merlin's Mansion Merlin's Mansion

Water Sports

There are plenty of land based and water sports to do on a holiday in Dassia. Water sports in Dassia can include jet-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, power boating and diving. Horse riding, tennis, golf and hiking are just a few of the land based sports available in and around Dassia. The thrilling theme park rides of Aqualand Water Park will keep the children busy for hours.

Visit Corfu Town

Excursions from Dassia should include the historic Corfu Town. A trip during the day or in the evening when the Corfu Town lights twinkle across the sea will be a magical experience. Dassia is only 8 miles from Corfu Town and a visit will provide holiday makers with the best restaurants, shopping and nightlife options on Corfu.


Cruises from Dassia are easily accessible thanks to the proximity to Corfu Town. The stunning islands of Paxos and Antipaxos will provide spectacular beaches and a glimpse of the traditional Greek way of life. You can experience he delights of a visit to mysterious Albania by taking another boat trip from Dassia. A trip to the famous Blue Lagoon from Dassia should be included on any holiday schedule.


Nightlife in Dassia can be lively and there are plenty of restaurants, tavernas, bars and nightclubs. Ispos is a short cab ride from Dassia and is one of Corfu’s hottest nightlife resorts. Corfu Town is another short trip and offers a diversity of restaurants, nightclubs and live music venues.
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